Boudoir Photography


The individuality of women of all ages, shapes and sizes is what makes each one so beautiful.   And boudoir photography is about capturing that beauty.  At Boudoir by Soto we recognize that each woman is different so no two of our photo sessions are alike.  Our clients are not models; they are real women with real bodies.

Reasons why a BOUDOIR photography session is right for you.

To surprise someone special with an album filled with beautiful images that emphasize your beautiful self. These are just a few reasons:

* For your new spouse on the night of your wedding
* To let someone away on a military assignment know you are thinking about them
* As an anniversary present
* A stocking stuffer
* A special way to save I Love You just because.

A boost to your self-esteem. Life is not always easy and sometimes we just need to do something to re-find that special person that we are.

As time changes, so do we and it’s the time to refresh your new look.

To simply celebrate the person you are at this moment in time!

 Why your Excuses are just that. Excuses.

 The number 1 excuse.          I need to lose weight first.

Boudoir is right for all body types and is truly about who you are at this moment, regardless of what you weigh. Your beauty comes from within and our job, as photographers, is to capture that in your pictures. Most important, don’t let how others look influence how you feel about yourself. You are beautiful exactly as you are.

 I’m not the type or I’m not sexy.

Boudoir is about the beauty of every curve and imperfection that you believe is a part of you. Everyone is self-conscience about something. Boudoir is very personal and is about you and not what you think others perceive you to be.

 I don’t have enough money.

Life is happening right now and every moment is precious and should be celebrated. Let us know your concerns and we’ll work with you to find a package that is right for you.

I don’t want my pictures to be on the Internet.

The pictures included on our site or in our marketing materials are from photo sessions that the individual has given us written permission to use their pictures for these purposes.

I don’t have anyone to give the pictures to.

Of course you do! You have yourself. First and foremost, your Boudoir photo session is all about YOU. We’re not taking pictures of someone else; we’re taking pictures of YOU! And you are the one that will get the most enjoyment out of the session and your final pictures.

Every type of women should experience boudoir photography!!